The “Average” Woman, Food For Thought


If you’re around me longer than 5 seconds, you’ll realize I’m a reader. I like to read these things called books, especially when they have pages I can touch and smell. Weird right? Do people still buy books with actual ink anymore? Sorry, I also wander off on random tangents. Back on topic. Reader, over thinker, and question asker… that’s me.

Last night while reading one of my favorite blogs, Blogilates, I came across a paragraph that stopped me in my tracks. I then read the post again and a third time out loud to the boyfriend (who grunted some kind of a response while never looking away from the baseball game… eesh men). Before I continue let me share what I read, the paragraph below is a direct pull quote from the post, What does a “Real Woman” look like anyway?

According to statistics, today’s average American woman is 5’4”, has a waist size of 34-35”, and weighs between 140-150 lbs with a dress size of 12-14. About 50 years ago, the average American woman was 5’3-4” with a waist of 24-25”, a weight of 120 lbs, and a size 8 dress size. I don’t even need to get into vanity sizing, but that size 8 from fifty years ago is not what a size 8 is today. It is actually a size 4. The US Department of Commerce dropped it’s uniform sizing system in 1983, so designers can do whatever they please in order to make women feel smaller and buy more clothes.  So the takeaway here is that the average dress size fifty years ago was a size 4 and now it is a size 14. Read the full Blogilates Post Here.

Wow, wow, wowser. Perhaps the fact I’m 5’4″ is a reason the stats hit so close to home. I’m close to the “average” 140 lbs mark with a BMI that’s right on the edge of being in the not so enjoyable “over weight” zone. More than numbers and averages, I can feel a difference. My body just doesn’t feel as good at 140ish as it did at 120ish. Emotionally I don’t feel so hot either. I hate feeling my stomach bounce when I jog up stairs that make me winded. Getting dressed is a layering game of trying to hide this bulge and that dimple. I’ve turned into a super sneak, sleuthing into the kitchen when the boyfriend goes the the bathroom, because I’m embarrassed that I’m getting yet another snack. It’s hard even writing that, I actually hide food wrappers because I don’t want people to know what all I’ve eaten. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

My weight has been steadily going up, now my clothing size is going up and all the while my self-confidence has taken a nose dive into the dirt. I’ve gone as far as to put my makeup on in a tiny little compact mirror because I don’t want to see the rest of myself in a full sized mirror. Getting dressed in anything but sweatpants is known to make me grouchy. Bad decisions and excuses set into motion a self induced tailspin. The plus side of it all, since I did it, I can fix it.

I remind myself daily that I’m a work in progress. It took years for the love handles to escape over my jeans, so they aren’t going to magically disappear because I went for a walk. BUT… that walk is one way I’m living a healthier life. That one tiny walk are steps towards a healthy me. Walking is motion towards saying bubye to my wiggle wobbly bits. My point, self doubt has no place in my world, because I’m doing what it takes. I don’t want to be average, I don’t want to be a statistic… I want to be the best me possible.

So some food for thought… go get it girl. Whatever you want, put a plan in motion to achieve it. If you want to lose some pounds, start a healthy living program. If you want to write a book, sit down and put pen to paper. If you want to find love, put yourself out there. You are capable of achieving whatever your beautiful heart desires. The first step is believing that you can. Positive mojo will propel you forward, negative mojo will slam the brakes on progress. So you decide do you want propulsion or brakes?

Use the comments below to tell me what your thoughts are on the statistics shared by Blogilates. I’d love to know your thoughts.




5 thoughts on “The “Average” Woman, Food For Thought

  1. We have more information on weight loss than we had years ago and weight loss centers and gyms are everywhere. Still, obesity is more prevalent. As are fast food restaurants and processed food. I worry about my future grand kids if thing don’t change.

  2. I just want you to know that you are not alone! I feel my stomach and think to myself “gross, how could anyone love this?” I also sneak into the kitchen and binge on chocolate, Nutella spoonfuls and anything else I can quickly shove into my mouth before my fiancé gets out of the shower. I hide food wrappers in the garbage in boxes that are already in the garbage so no one sees how many Reeses Peanut butter cups I just ate. I realize this is not the way I want to live.
    So like you, I decided to stop hating on myself. I decided to realize that my body is a wonderful instrument from God, that I have the ability to change and tweak it until I feel it’s perfect. Not perfect for anyone else, but perfect for me. I started waking up earlier and working out. I stopped eating fast food and decided to give up soda. After only a few weeks I already feel SO much better.

    Baby steps, Brooke. We’ll get there!

    • This comment actually gave me chills. It felt like I could have written the comment myself. One thing I’ve not mastered yet is what activities I love to do to workout. I’m looking forward to the adventure though trying new things like kickboxing and Pilates. Running is hard for me because of my asthma, but truth be told it’s hard because I’m out of shape. I would love to run a 5k but I’m a little bit of a chicken little. Thank you so much for the motivation. We got this girl!


    • The Blogilates post gave me a lot to think about. More than fitting into an “average” or a “statistic” (I don’t believe in lumping ourselves into categories).I believe in feeling good. I believe in feeling fabulous at the pool. I believe in not wearing jeans when it’s a zillion degrees. Also…. side note… I am 48 hours Diet Coke free. 48 HOURS!


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