The Fault in Our Stars Survival Guide

Sniffle….sniffle…cough…. I’m okay, I’m okay. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are male, you know that the movie The Fault in Our Stars came out over the weekend. It slammed into theaters with a mile high wave or crumpled up tissues and waterproof mascara. People flocked to theaters in droves for opening weekend, I… was not one of them because the ole BF would hear none of it. The conversation went something like this:

“Baby will you please come see a movie with me this weekend?” Me

“Sure, what movie?” BF

“Um (hurry think of a manly movie lie, trick ’em trick ’em) Um The Fault in Our Stars (Drat).” Me

“What’s it about?” BF

“Well remember that book I read…” Me

“The one that made you ugly cry?” BF

“Yes, but…”Me

“No.” BF

“But…” Me

“I’m sorry I have to brush my hair that night.” BF

“But.. what night…” Me

“All weekend and everyday after. Hair brushing and counting the grains in the hardwood, sorry babe I’m super busy right now.” BF

“Seriously?” Me

Well with my guy engrossed in hair and wood, I turned to the girls, who should have been my first call anyway. With a little texting magic girls night was planned. Now ladies let’s talk about girls night, does anyone else start out getting ready for girls night with a bed that looks like this.


But at the end of getting ready your bed looks like this.


And it never fails what you end up wearing is the very last thing you pull out of your closet. Girls Night is my version of a red carpet event. I get to put away my flip-flops and strut around like a sassy slightly clumsy flamingo in 6 inch hooker heels that I honestly have no business wearing. I spend an extra 20 min on my makeup, bust out the fancy Victoria’s Secret perfume, and give my hair a little extra lovin. It is impossible for me to venture out for girls night without making it my own personal fashion catwalk adventure. Something guys don’t realize, we don’t get all dolled up for them, oh no no no. We get all super hot, to impress the ladies. It is our mission to hear our gal pal or stranger in line at the ladies room say, “Great shoes” or “You hair looks amazing”.

I also can’t attend a girls night without making it a party and what’s a party without party favors or in this case survival packs. I know someone is going to scold me, but I still smuggle contraband into the movie theaters. It’s a cry from my inner bad girl that I just can’t ignore. I never got a detention, broke curfew, or snuck out growing up… so this is my version of living on the edge. Breakin’ the law one contraband M&M at a time.

Chick FLick Survival

These were super easy to make, the hardest part was tying the bow, I do good to tie my shoes thus the reason I live in flip-flops. Well that and flip-flops make my feet happy, but that’s really here nor there. These little survival packs housed everything we’d need to make it through this chick flick all tied up in a not so pretty bow. Each pack had a single serving plastic bottle of wine (classy and only $1 each), M&M’s (50 cents is all it took to meet our chocolate needs), adorable travel size of tissues ($2 for an 8 pack and worth every cent). I then wrapped the ribbon around, tied an awkward looking bow, and tada chick flick survival packs. Necessary and compact enough to fit in just about any purse. I highly recommend these fun little favors your next girls night.

As for the movie, The Fault in Our Star….

Yeah that pretty much sums it up.

What did you think of the movie The Fault in Our Stars? Did you read the book? Tell me in the comments.



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