Rewards: Fitness, Healthy Choices, and Goals

You bust your butt at the gym, just say no to chocolate covered chocolate, and trade in happy hours drinks  for good ole H2O. You’re doing what it takes to rock your summer bikini or increase your strength. It can be a lot of work, hard work, and as good as it feels sometimes it gets hard. I just want one margarita, one, please!

Through all of your handwork, remember to reward yourself. A gal pal of mine and Beachbody Coach shared an amazing idea to track your health and fitness progress. Eileen is seriously amazing and her fitness story is inspiring, take a second and go tell her hello here. She uses a star system to track all of the goals she meets each day. What a fabulous idea.

Fitness Goal Board


How It Works

  • Determine your Health/Fitness Goals and your Total Star Goal
  • Pick your Reward
  • Assign a color to each goal
  • Each day put a color coordinated star for each goal you’ve met
  • Write down your calorie count and amount of H2O for the day
  • At the end of the month add up your stars
  • Enjoy your results

How You Earn Your Stars

  • Meet Your Calorie Goal For The Day: 1 Star
  • Meet Your Water Intake Goal For The Day: 1 Star
  • Complete Your Workout For The Day: 1 Star
  • Meet Your Weight Loss Goal: 1 Star per pound


Monthly Star Goals: 75 (set a goal that doesn’t require perfection, remember we are all a work in progress)


  • Calorie Goal For The Day: 1400
  • Water Intake Goal For The Day: 80 oz
  • Workout Goal For The Day: 1 time a day
  • 30 Day Weight Loss Goal: 4 pounds

Helpful Tips:

  • Try to pick a reward that isn’t food. Saying ‘if I lose 4 pounds I will eat my weight in pizza’ is counterproductive. A better reward would be: new bikini, new running shoes, 1 hour massage, a new iTunes download, etc. You get the idea.
  • Remember with your monthly star goal to not aim for perfection, because you aren’t perfect, I’m not perfect, no one is perfect. If we were all perfect Stepford Zombies the world would be a pretty boring place.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have a 3 start day, it happens to everyone. Each morning is a fresh start, so enjoy your clean slate. You can accomplish the goals you set out for yourself.
  • Have fun. That’s right enjoy yourself. Do workouts that are fun. Add lemon to your water instead of just boring ole water. Take a sassy salsa class as part of your fitness routine. Healthy living doesn’t have to be boring.
  • I created this on one side of my huge dry erase board in my office. Using post-it notes allows this to be created anywhere at very little cost. So no excuses.

How do you track your fitness goals?





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