10 1/2 Things to do When You’re Bored Instead of Snacking

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, nothing ahead but you and the sofa. You’ve already had lunch and dinner is still a few hours away, when suddenly a familiar twinge strikes. Hunger… or is it? This hunger attack is what I like to call the Bunchies (Bored Munchies). You aren’t really hungry, you just ate. You don’t really have anything else to do, so mindlessly shoveling waves of tortilla chips while watching reruns of Teen Mom sounds like an awesome idea. I beg of you, just say no to the the Bunchies. I’m here to help you distract your brain from giving into the tantalizing call of your kitchen.

10 1/2 Thing to do When Your Are Bored Instead of Snacking

1. Blog, that’s right get a head start on the upcoming blog week. Write and extra post, post a dozen times a day if you have to. I will gladly read your photo heavy blog post about your cat Mr. Freckles adventures in a paper grocery sack. The world can always use more adorable images of cats (even though I’m a dog person), I will always, ALWAYS stop for a cute kitty cat picture.

Adorable Sleeping Kitty



2. Take your dog for a walk. Fiddo would love to entertain you by stopping to smell every mailbox, he does this because he cares. What a perfect walking buddy, you can jabber away while you walk and he won’t interrupt you once. Plus getting a little exercise is way better that getting extra calories. And I can’t share a cat picture without posting one of my puppy pictures, 1…2….3….. awwwwwww.

cute puppy picture

3. Update your iPod. Odds are you have the same music on your iPod you did when you bought the thing. So toss out old song that don’t get you jazzed and motivated. Now you have all kinds of extra space for new songs that  spice up your time at the gym or hitting the pavement.

4. Read a book, read a magazine, read a blog. It’s summer, the perfect time to kick back with a cool glass of lemon water and enjoy some you time. Escape to another world for awhile. If you haven’t read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, you so should. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to get pigeon tattooed on your wrist. I’ve read this book honestly about 10 times. Buy it… read it… you’ll thank me I promise.

5. Clean. I don’t care how much of a neat freak you are, there is something you can clean. Cleaning is a great way to get moving while also checking things off your to do list. You know that dust bunny that has been taunting you with it’s little bunny hopes and dreams for at least a month. Sweep him up and send him to a new bunny home. Finally dust off your blinds that have so much dust on them it looks like your house has been through a volcanic eruption. I wouldn’t however recommend cleaning your kitchen, that puts you to close to the food.

6. Call up some friends and invite them over for an old fashion game night. Pull out Dream Phone, Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity and get your game on. When everyone gets bored sitting around, challenge them to hide and go seek or tag. Seriously, when’s the last time you let your inner child out and played hide and go seek? I played kickball over the weekend with the kiddos in the neighborhood and had a blast. You are never to old to let your inner child out to play.

7. It’s summer which means shorts and bikini season, so pamper yourself with a sugar scrub leg treatment. I make an awesome citrus sugar scrub that leaves legs feeling smooth and healthy looking. Did you know that if you don’t exfoliate your legs your leg hair can actually become ingrown? Doesn’t delicious smelling sugar scrub for beautiful summer legs sound better that that box of chocolate cupcakes you were thinking about eating?

8. Lose a few hours in Pinterest. Find a DIY project, research new healthy recipes, or pin a couple of beauty secrets. If you can’t waste at least an hour at a time on Pinterest… please tell me your secret because that place is like black hole sucking me in from afar.

9. Do something nice for someone. Leave little notes for your significant other telling them how sexy they look. Mow the neighbors lawn because you know her husband is deployed and she has her hands full with a couple of kiddos. Take your mom flowers. Whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy share that with others. You never know how your actions can change someones day.

10. Dance around to your favorite 90s boy band. Proud NSYNC fan since 1998. Yes I said it, I’m not ashamed.

10 1/2. Logic with yourself. Are you really hungry? Are you really in desperate need for some sort of entertainment? Is the bag of mini M&M’s worth more than a body you can rock at the lake in a bikini? You are strong enough to say no to the bunchies. Don’t go into the light of your refrigerator. Walk away friend.



8 Things Men Will NEVER Understand About Women

Ladies let’s face it, we are majestic untamed creatures of beauty. To one another we are easy to read, black and white (with a flare of pink), we get it. However, for the men who are drawn to us, it’s like we speak another language. It’s  impossible to count the number of times in a day the amazing man in my life stares at me blankly. “Uh, what?” And that brings me here…

8 Things Men Will


Understand About Women

Makeup Galore

1. Why it takes me 45 min to shower and takes him 3 min. Well first of all I shave at least 50% of my body… you shave what 4 inches on your face and maybe the same space south of the border if you happen to manscape. Shaving takes time so I don’t look like I showered with Edward Scissor Hands. Also I can’t take the bar of soap from my toes to the top of my head. Shampoo, rinse, repeat and conditioner takes time. That same bar of soap also washes your face, um no. I’m sorry I can’t do that. I have to exfoliate, wash and even use special soap to remove my eye makeup. I do my best thinking in the shower, where do you think this post idea came from? That’s right, the shower. So guys give us a break, while showering for you is a one stop shop, for us ladies… it’s an adventure that can’t be rushed.

2. Our desperate desire to talk baby talk to the, “Itty bitty wittle puppies, nahhhhhhh.” I don’t know why, it’s a compulsion. I see something fuzzy and suddenly I want to love it and hug it and squeeze it until their heads pop off. I don’t baby talk you about “cuddle wuddles” so let me talk to the adorable little ball of fluff with all the baby talk I can muster.

3. Why we cry when we read, watch a movie, or listen to music… I don’t know why. Why do you scream at the tv during football and baseball games? They can’t hear you, so why is it so crazy for me to be moved be an emotional roller coaster of words wether they be written, acted or sang. Perhaps if you’d read, The Fault in Our Stars, you’d ugly cry your face off too. Don’t judge me.

4. Our on again, off again, on again go around with food. When I say, “I’m going to eat healthy and see if I can fit in that pair of jeans right there.” This is not code for bring a home 1 pound block of chocolate for me. Yes that candy bar and you are super sweet… but that’s not helping my thighs fit into fabric. When I say healthy eating, leave the junk at the gas station.

5. Our love affair with all things makeup. Yes, I know I have 5 shades of pink lipstick…. and? Please note that they are all varying shades. Yes I do actually need not only onyx eye shadow, but also midnight express eyeshadow. No, they aren’t the same color. No they aren’t “just” black. Putting on eye makeup takes time, there are at least 3 colors on my eyes at any given moment. Sassy doesn’t happen, I don’t wake up with magically perfect tight lined eyes. Finally, please don’t laugh at me when I put on concealer, I know that I look like a princess in warpaint, but it will work itself out.

6. Why we still watch shows from our awkward teen years. Does it really matter if I like to watch Dawson’s Creek to fall asleep at night? I don’t judge you when you hum along to the Sports Center theme song.  Deep down inside my heart I know that Dawson and Joey were meant to be together, so perhaps I watch the entire series to enjoy the moments where they lived happily ever high school. I know it’s childish, I know that I’m cough cough 30, but I honestly don’t care. I want to live in Capeside, I want to hang out on a Friday night while watching ET and I want to work at the Leary’s Fish place. Am I alone on this? Just me?

7. The phrase, “I don’t have ANYTHING to wear!” By you simply coming into my closet and pointing out the 100 clean articles of clothing, you aren’t helping. What, I don’t have anything to wear, means is…. I don’t have anything to wear at this exact moment. That shirt makes me look fat, that shirt makes my back look boney, those shorts aren’t the right color khaki for my tan, and this pair of shoes make my ankles look crocked. There is no science behind what I do or don’t have to wear, it’s a gut feeling. I have to be ready to have a commitment with my outfit, I have to love it and love it a lot.

8. “Nothing, everything’s fine.”…. RUN! Guys seriously learn that this phrase isn’t the end to a conversation, it’s just the beginning. Everything is not fine, I’m just not ready to talk about it, but when I am ready to talk about it you better watch out. So instead of skipping off the play xbox or softball with your guy pals, take heed… there’s a storm a brewn’. Take my advice, when you hear this phrase respond like this,”Okay sweetie, I love you if or when you want to talk about it I’m here to listen.” Boom it’s that easy. Then actually listen (I know that’s the hard part).

8. Why I like to be the one to do the laundry. Guy’s it’s really great that you want to help out being domestic and whatnot, but stay away from the laundry. You don’t know what needs to be hung to dry or the fact the bras shouldn’t see the inside of a dryer ever. That’s okay… you don’t wear bras, or at least I hope not. When it comes to the laundry room, walk away. Walk all the way to the kitchen and put your dishes IN the dishwasher instead of setting them on the counter above the empty dishwasher. You can even walk the  garbage bags out to the street. Plenty of helpful household fun for you to have without shrinking my sweaters.

That pretty much wraps up my list, do you have anything to add? What do guys just not get about girls? Share in the comments.





The “Average” Woman, Food For Thought


If you’re around me longer than 5 seconds, you’ll realize I’m a reader. I like to read these things called books, especially when they have pages I can touch and smell. Weird right? Do people still buy books with actual ink anymore? Sorry, I also wander off on random tangents. Back on topic. Reader, over thinker, and question asker… that’s me.

Last night while reading one of my favorite blogs, Blogilates, I came across a paragraph that stopped me in my tracks. I then read the post again and a third time out loud to the boyfriend (who grunted some kind of a response while never looking away from the baseball game… eesh men). Before I continue let me share what I read, the paragraph below is a direct pull quote from the post, What does a “Real Woman” look like anyway?

According to statistics, today’s average American woman is 5’4”, has a waist size of 34-35”, and weighs between 140-150 lbs with a dress size of 12-14. About 50 years ago, the average American woman was 5’3-4” with a waist of 24-25”, a weight of 120 lbs, and a size 8 dress size. I don’t even need to get into vanity sizing, but that size 8 from fifty years ago is not what a size 8 is today. It is actually a size 4. The US Department of Commerce dropped it’s uniform sizing system in 1983, so designers can do whatever they please in order to make women feel smaller and buy more clothes.  So the takeaway here is that the average dress size fifty years ago was a size 4 and now it is a size 14. Read the full Blogilates Post Here.

Wow, wow, wowser. Perhaps the fact I’m 5’4″ is a reason the stats hit so close to home. I’m close to the “average” 140 lbs mark with a BMI that’s right on the edge of being in the not so enjoyable “over weight” zone. More than numbers and averages, I can feel a difference. My body just doesn’t feel as good at 140ish as it did at 120ish. Emotionally I don’t feel so hot either. I hate feeling my stomach bounce when I jog up stairs that make me winded. Getting dressed is a layering game of trying to hide this bulge and that dimple. I’ve turned into a super sneak, sleuthing into the kitchen when the boyfriend goes the the bathroom, because I’m embarrassed that I’m getting yet another snack. It’s hard even writing that, I actually hide food wrappers because I don’t want people to know what all I’ve eaten. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

My weight has been steadily going up, now my clothing size is going up and all the while my self-confidence has taken a nose dive into the dirt. I’ve gone as far as to put my makeup on in a tiny little compact mirror because I don’t want to see the rest of myself in a full sized mirror. Getting dressed in anything but sweatpants is known to make me grouchy. Bad decisions and excuses set into motion a self induced tailspin. The plus side of it all, since I did it, I can fix it.

I remind myself daily that I’m a work in progress. It took years for the love handles to escape over my jeans, so they aren’t going to magically disappear because I went for a walk. BUT… that walk is one way I’m living a healthier life. That one tiny walk are steps towards a healthy me. Walking is motion towards saying bubye to my wiggle wobbly bits. My point, self doubt has no place in my world, because I’m doing what it takes. I don’t want to be average, I don’t want to be a statistic… I want to be the best me possible.

So some food for thought… go get it girl. Whatever you want, put a plan in motion to achieve it. If you want to lose some pounds, start a healthy living program. If you want to write a book, sit down and put pen to paper. If you want to find love, put yourself out there. You are capable of achieving whatever your beautiful heart desires. The first step is believing that you can. Positive mojo will propel you forward, negative mojo will slam the brakes on progress. So you decide do you want propulsion or brakes?

Use the comments below to tell me what your thoughts are on the statistics shared by Blogilates. I’d love to know your thoughts.